Natural Eczema Treatments - What Actually Works?

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With all the information out there about different natural treatments for eczema, I wanted to compile a list of remedies that helped people. I wanted to focus just on natural solutions as we wanted to make sure it was safe for our daughter. And so I scoured different forums, various sites where people contributed their thoughts and recommendations on what worked for them. Knowing that there isn't one treatment that works for everyone, I wanted to leverage the wisdom of crowds. I hope this information can help you and your family, and that some of these help your case.

I've combined all the information I've gathered into an infographic that breaks down different categories of treatments, and further breaks down categories into individual treatments that people have recommended based on their own experiences.

And here is a further breakdown of the data. You can see individual recommendations, and their frequency based on the sources I used.

At GoodnessBee, we've created a handmade cream that contains several of the most popular natural ingredients listed above including Beeswax, Olive Oil and Organic Honey. This cream worked wonders for our daugher, and if you'd like to try it out, please visit our store to learn more.

Special thanks to the following resources for their input. Without them, the data would not have been possible. Each of these are vibrant and helpful communities that provide great information and support to those dealing with eczema. I encourage you to check them out:

TalkHealthPartnership's Eczema Forum
MyHomeRemedies for Eczema
Topix Eczema Forum

If you'd like to embed the infographic on your site, just copy this code:
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Or, you can grab the image here: Natural Eczema Treatments - Infographic. I'd appreciate it if you would credit GoodnessBee as the source.

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